What's going on behind the scenes with Brooklyn Quartet?

Brooklyn Quartet rumors:
1-There's gonna be a book version of BQ, and in fact, it's well on it's way already..
2-There's some kind of film being worked on, or series, or something like that, but it's actually happening already.
3-There's "discussion" of a comic book version, and in fact, it's kinda passed the initial "discussion", and on to the serious part. 
4-BQ the play is happening as you read this, being performed live, in someone's living room, in an intimate setting like that, somewhere in the United States, with a pot luck dinner, hosted by someone who was interested in bringing a group of their friends and family members together, to experience the story of Queen, Esther, Saint and Jamaal, and more importantly, to inspire dialogue, and perhaps create some kind of change, to come up with some very tangible ideas for actual movement, for a better society, here in our country.
5-We are actively seeking larger venues who would like to include BQ in their programming, to bring what is an always evolving, provocative and hopefully disruptive work of theater art, to their performance space, to every city in the United States that will have us.
6-More and more people are wearing the "Love Just Is" t shirts, in some of the most meaningful places, from their own bedrooms to social and political rallies, and everywhere in between, and the t shirts are not only helping to support the continued movement of Brooklyn Quartet, but equally as important, they are actually provoking and "nudging" dialogue, between friends and family members, but also between complete strangers, on trains and in the streets, in stores and basically all over the place, bringing people together to openly talk about this difficult time in our history, which is also an important opportunity for us to come together and make real change, and so these t shirts are spreading all kinds of love all over the place, which is awesome, and beautiful, and God knows we need some beautiful right about now. 
7-We're working our asses off, because we need to.
Thank you to everyone who continues to collaborate with me on this project, including the amazing reg e gaines, the fantastic and incredibly supportive people at both The Medicine Show Theatre and Pregones, and also to everyone who has ever had anything to do with Brooklyn Quartet from the beginning, since it was called Privilege, for almost 4 years now, people like David Roberts (aka D Black) and Jenny Perez, Bill Dotts, Ken Cerniglia (who brilliantly recommended the name change) and Stephen Bishop Seely, April Dinwoodie, The Bronx Council on the Arts, Liza Morales, Keith Horton, Bobby DeJesus, Lisa Fischer, Angela Brasington and Chad Copeland, Audrey Martells, JF Seary, Monique Patterson, Alicia Anabel Santos, Curtis Wiley, Ebony Brown, Noelle Dor, LaChrisha Brown, Amirah Vann, Caridad De La Luz, Josue Eloi, Derrick Hurley, Kareem Nelson, Wallace St Clair, Vernon "Dyverse" Wooten, Raul Rios, Lucy Warsaw, Brent Buell, Jon Bates, Gregory Mosher, Eames Demetrios, Lou Liberatore, Frank D'Alessandro, Jack Sharkey, Jeff Posner, Kathleen O'Grady, Thomas Rome, Karim Rome, Leo Catricala and Corey Garcia, Dennis Holden, Cyd Charisse Fulton, and of course to the Bell family, you guys truly fill my heart every single day, I can't verbalize what you all have meant to me and this work, and I could go on and on and on, and I'm sure I'm leaving out many names, and I'm sure some of you who are mentioned here, who have contributed so much to this project, probably don't even know how you have done that, but trust me, you have. And so, anyway, now you are up to date, and as you can see, we are just beginning, because there is so far for us to go. Still. And we will continue to work at it. 
And here's to a better world, for all of us.
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###Looking for a filmmaker/cinematographer/visionary to collaborate on a Brooklyn Quartet project. Someone who is gifted, but who also feels connected to the spirit behind BQ. Someone who is intent upon using their gifts to fight injustice by creating something beautifully disruptive. Someone who feels they NEED to do this work. Someone who never heard of the word "limits". You get the idea. ;)
If this resonates with you, please contact us at, and thank you for that, and here's to a better world, for all of us.###