Brooklyn Quartet - (limited series)


Meet Queen as she tells the story of Esther, Saint and Jamaal. You can see the entire series on any digital device. 

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"Rock Wilk ’s BROOKLYN QUARTET—his stunning, one-man hurricane of a show that exposes the savage truth of America’s white-skin privilege... the story of three teens in Brooklyn whose lives intertwine, enrich, and ultimately define each other. It is within this relationship—a deep and warm mingling of race and class—that the awful underbelly of America’s divide is revealed.

Mr. Wilk gives sincerely nuanced dimension to each character, and has given the story variations of pacing that at once hold attention but also allow time to reflect, and as he says, “breathe.”

There is something almost uncanny in the way Wilk delivers three-way conversations, two-person arguments and adds a fourth “everyman” narrator without assuming different positions to indicate different characters—and still enables the audience never to lose track of who is speaking. I’ll repeat—that theatric accomplishment alone defines QUARTET as unique in the field."- Brent Buell

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Brooklyn Quartet (full series)


Brooklyn Quartet. Episode 1. FRIENDS.


Brooklyn Quartet. Episode 2. FAMILY.


Brooklyn Quartet. Episode 3. RESILIENCE.


Brooklyn Quartet. Episode 4. LOVE.

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Ebook... Love Just Is...



A collection of poetry, monologues and streams of consciousness, each paired with a personal photo that inspired each story. 

175 pages.

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"When I was a kid I used to write poetry. I guess you could say my precursor to songwriting. I think most lyrics are poem-like. My friend Rock Wilk amongst many things, is a poet. I have been reading his e-book "Love Just Is". It's beautiful and haunting and scary and grabs you by the heart, the throat, your life. He is not afraid of showing himself. Not an easy read as I recommend you take your time with it as I have. There is much there. I must confess I have two favorites "The Girl On The C Train" and "Winter Can Look Like Candy". I was that Girl on the C Train. I wasn't lucky enough to have someone like Rock give me positive reinforcement, but I was that Girl, and what he describes is almost what my experience was. "Winter Can Look Like Candy"; I won't say anything except, get Rock's e-book and take your time with it."- Lili Anel

"Your series of unsettling adjustments, of feeling disconnected, untethered with no words or concepts to describe it or know if your being would go "poof" ...dispersed everywhere, maybe into nothingness... or be gathered by some force from the nooks and crannies, the high and low places, cold and burning places, back into you, the force of nature and spirit returning you to you, then focusing forward as you grew, still perplexed, destined to be aware of your transformation and how it prevents you from hiding, yet aware you are no longer alone...the force of nature and spirit abides and expresses. Bravo!"- Maryl Millard

"This is an amazingly comprehensive collection. You are prolific to say the least! I appreciate all the energy you give to your art - I truly believe it is these seemingly small contributions that have the power to change the fabric around us."- Matt Cusack

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Brooklyn Quartet is not just a play, it's a movement. It's a fictional tale about 3 kids from Brooklyn, NY, bookmarked by the infamous and very real Sean Bell shooting, at the hands of NYC police officers, in 2006, a story sprinkled with issues of race, privilege, gender, gentrification, relationships, gun violence, PTSD, and so many more things that affect all of us, every day of our collective lives, but at the end of the day, Brooklyn Quartet is a love story. It's a play with the intention of disrupting us into dialogue about the state of the world. It's a way of getting a whole lot of people into a performance space together and creating a beautiful shared experience. A provocative experience. An experience that asks questions. That inspires empathy. Brooklyn Quartet is a movement about how, no matter what's going on around us in this world; all of the atrocities, all of the chaos, all of the confusion, it's about that at the end of the day, no matter what, our collective existence is all about love. That our salvation actually depends upon love. That love is the only thing that can bring us together. Love is the only thing that can save us. And the amazing thing about love? You can't really explain it. You don't really need to explain it. Because it just is. Love... just is. 

And so, what's up with this $35 t shirt, anyway? Well, this is not just about buying a t shirt. It's about supporting the journey of Brooklyn Quartet, to help get this story in front of as many people as possible. To contribute to all that it takes to continue to develop a show like this. If you believe that art can contribute to a greater good, if you believe in Brooklyn Quartet and all that it stands for and all that it provokes. If you believe in the spirit of Brooklyn Quartet, then buying one of these t shirts goes a long way in putting air under the wings that are necessary for this play, that is a movement, to continue to take flight. $35 is a lot for a t shirt, yes, but the value far exceeds that dollar amount when you consider that you are contributing to something that you believe in.  

Be a part of the movement by supporting Brooklyn Quartet, by purchasing and wearing our LOVE JUST IS t shirt, so when people inevitably stop you and ask you about it, and how they can get it, tell 'em all about Brooklyn Quartet, what it's about, and how they can be a part of the movement as well. Send 'em to the website, tell them where the next performance is, and just spread the word! The most meaningful words. So simple. So powerful. Love Just Is!



Music from the play, BROKE WIDE OPEN, plus special bonus tracks. 

BROKE WIDE OPEN (theatrical script)

This script is written in the form of verse, as the incessant stream of consciousness that it was created out of, moving in and out of monologue, poetry and song. The 6 year journey of this work led me to my proverbial HOME, in more ways than one, and so this is my offering to anyone and everyone “searching”. I believe that for all of us, everything that we are looking for can be found inside of our own souls, within our individual and collective hearts, as I extend mine to all of you with this play, and I hope you enjoy the ride.- Rock WILK

Published by NoPassport Press

NoPassport Press

c/o PO Box 1786,

South Gate CA 90280 USA


NoPassport is an unincorporated theatre 
alliance devoted to cross-cultural, Pan-
American performance, theory, action, 
advocacy, and publication.

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A New York City, Point of View via Haiku, written by Rock WILK - $7 (plus shipping and applicable taxes)

I love New York City, I love the subway, just riding all over the place is incredibly inspiring to me, it fuels my art, I love taking pictures, I love poetry, I am a storyteller, I love sharing my story, I am an adoptee, I am an open book, I am one of us, I am human, and this is a small offering of all of that, a very cool folding map of inspirational anecdotes and photos, from me to you, created in my own way, and I hope you love it! 

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