Ebook... Love Just Is...



A collection of poetry, monologues and streams of consciousness, each paired with a personal photo that inspired each story. 

175 pages.

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"Your series of unsettling adjustments, of feeling disconnected, untethered with no words or concepts to describe it or know if your being would go "poof" ...dispersed everywhere, maybe into nothingness... or be gathered by some force from the nooks and crannies, the high and low places, cold and burning places, back into you, the force of nature and spirit returning you to you, then focusing forward as you grew, still perplexed, destined to be aware of your transformation and how it prevents you from hiding, yet aware you are no longer alone...the force of nature and spirit abides and expresses. Bravo!"- Maryl Millard

"This is an amazingly comprehensive collection. You are prolific to say the least! I appreciate all the energy you give to your art - I truly believe it is these seemingly small contributions have the power to change the fabric around us."- Matt Cusack

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