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Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Alison's House
Judy (ith) "still untitled" - 2:30pm
94 Terwilliger Rd
Napanoch, NY 12458
USA [map]
Price: pay what you will, and thank you for that

Imagine growing up happy, in your beautiful, lively neighborhood in Brooklyn, but then losing your mother at three years old. Your father at ten. Being placed in an orphanage. Being moved to a Psychiatric hospital. Then somehow winding up in another country like Israel, by yourself, at fifteen years of age. Then, six years later, finding your way back to New York, on a ship, getting pregnant, not telling anyone, including the father of your child, and then deciding to place your child in foster care, like the leap of faith that your entire life has been. Like full circle, in a way. Kinda, sorta. I mean, that's all kinda crazy, but imagine that. Imagine a new play like that.

Please join us for a reading of my new play, which is still officially untitled, and a talkback afterwards, up in a beautiful setting in the Catskills of Upstate New York. This will be an awesome gathering of beautiful people contributing to the development of a new play, which is amazing. Hope to see you there!!! 

This is a free event, but donations are greatly appreciated, and you can either do that at the reading itself, or you can contribute by hitting the donate button anywhere at this website, and paying any amount that you feel comfortable with. If you contribute $22 or more, you will receive a copy of my new ebook, Real, Poetic Talk and Love Just Is, which is 175 pages of my heart and soul, and a love letter to the universe, just in a really provocative and disruptive kind of way. Please include your email address with your donation so that the ebook can be sent to you, (or, if you are donating exactly $22, you can order the book directly at this website right HERE,) and thank you for that, and thanks for reading all of this, hope to see you at the reading, and as I always say, here's to a better world, for all of us....