"Artist" is more a "heart" thing than anything else

The way I see people is through their heart, and I often say, "that person is an "artist's heart"". And so, yeah, not so much your "medium", or your "output", but more your heart. Are you an artist at heart? Do you have an artist's heart? I feel like if more people connected to their heart in that kind of way, in a creative and thoughtful kind of way, in that kind of way where you explore more, you consider before thinking you just know, then I think this world would be a much better, more inclusive and loving place. I believe that, because there is really nothing like an artist's heart to get to the core of things. To take all of the complex, the challenging, the "difficult", and turn it all into beautiful art. I think if more people lived with that kind of intention, things would be much better than they are now, or have ever been. Yeah, artists can save the world, for sure. The artist's heart. That's what we need, always. Every day. All the time. That type of vision. That type of reflection. That type of soul. That artist's heart. We need more. I say, release your artist's heart, before it's too late. For all of us. And here's to a better world, for all of us. 


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