El Paso, Dayton, racism. white nationalists, and politics

I really have nothing to say about any of this, other than, I hate it. I hate racism. I hate nationalism. I am embarrassed by our country. I love this country, but mostly because of the way it looks. The cities, the mountains, the beaches, the rivers, the plains, the diverse and beautiful population, I love how we look. I hate how we act. I hate racism. Hatred. Fear. Xenophobia. Anti Semitism. Sexism. Murder. I hate the sense of entitlement white people exhibit, over and over again, all the time. Throughout history. If I have ever done that, I hate that about myself. I always try and pay attention to myself to make sure I don't have any of that ugliness in my body. I have always looked for it, even when I was a kid, because I hated privilege. I had a high level of self-loathing when I was a kid, because I recognized that as a white person, I lived in a completely different world than all of my friends who didn't look like me. I hated that. I hated people who looked like me because of that. I hated ME because of that. I got over that, meaning I don't hate me anymore.

My heart is broken this week, for a lot of reasons. All I want to say, is, if you are a fucked up asshole, please fix your heart. And if you are a good person, call out the assholes, and participate in the fixing of all hearts. Because there is good in all of us, and bad as well. Let's get to the good of us. Quickly, before it's too late. And thanks for visiting me tonight. And here's to a better world, for all of us. 

Peace and #LoveJustIs



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