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I have a close friend who's been in the hospital for the last month, or more, actually, and who is now in a rehab facility. He had a couple of stokes and is now in recovery mode, and I find myself so disappointed in what I have been seeing because, in fact, I believe his greatest obstacle is actually the care he is getting. The doctors. The nurses. The people working in the hospital and at this latest facility that he's in. It's all bad. Pretty much across the board, and that just sucks, because think about how much money is going toward all of this "care". It's crazy to think about the, literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars that my friend is contributing to the health care world while he is sick, and how bad his care has been. It's been pretty horrible, to say the least. Basic at best, irresponsible and criminal at worst. Nothing on the "really good", or "great" side, that's for sure.

And so what happens, over time, is that a human being like my friend, will begin to lose his will to get better. To fight through whatever it is he's going through inside of his body, because he is fighting this uphill battle AGAINST those who are supposed to be helping him. Those who are supposed to be healing for him. Compassionate. Intelligent. Knowledgeable. Communicative. Present. Responsible. Aware. Meticulous. None of those things are too much to ask for, when it comes to caring for people who are going through a challenging time, but none of those words really apply to any of the people who have been "caring" for my friend. Seriously. None of those words. If my friends wife wasn't with him 24 hours a day, he would probably be dead right now, or close to it. But because of her love and PROTECTION of him, he is climbing out of what has to be this scary place of his brain getting all messed up, but at the same time, he's at a place where if he doesn't get much further along in his rehab process, he's gonna be "stuck" in the middle of his recovery, in a place that is really not functional in any kind of meaningful way, and from what I have been observing, that is directly related to the care, or lack thereof, that he is receiving from the so called "professionals" at the hospital and now at his rehab facility.

For me, here's the worst part.. as you walk through the hallway of a hospital floor, by the desk where there are nurses and doctors sitting, and sometimes reading, you will almost NEVER get someone to establish eye contact with you, because they don't want to talk to you. I walked into the gym of the new rehab facility yesterday, and there were seven people in there, none of which were patients, meaning they were all probably physical therapists, and I walked in with my friend and his wife, my friend was in a wheelchair, obviously, and NOT ONE PERSON ACKNOWLEDGED US. Not one. Nobody had ever seen him before, and so they knew he was a new patient, but nobody wanted to deal with us.

I'm not gonna go on and on with this post, because this is just my blog, but I wanted to just say this.... my friend is the most knowledgeable body work person that I have ever known in my life. A mentor to me, actually, in addition to being a dear friend, but he has trained world class athletes for many years. World champions, Olympic gold medalists, people you have watched on TV and heard of, who you know to be our "heroes" in some cases, and my friend was behind the process of getting many of these great athletes to where they got to, and now, he's in a situation where he needs that kind of knowledge working on him, and as he can't speak right now, this is the hardest part of his problem, he can't communicate, I can't even imagine what is going through his mind when he is receiving this horrific care. I saw this with my father. My Grandmother. My mother. I've seen it way too much, and as much as people might read this and think I'm being a real asshole, attacking people who own this narrative of being "heroes", I'm just saying... I haven't seen it. Or if I have, it's been extremely rare. To see a nurse who really cares and does the compassionate work when it's really hard. A doctor who seems to REALLY care. To take an extra ten minutes and talk to a patient like a human being. Health care professionals who really LISTEN. That one is truly rare. They never listen. Not really. We have made doctors GOD, and they're not. I'm certain many of them just cheated their way through medical school, just like so many other people have done in other fields, in other words, they are just people. Like you. Like me. But as doctors and nurses, in many cases, they buy into being this god, and that means they have absolutely no respect for what a patient is saying to them, because they think they know everything, and we know nothing.

Sad thing is, we need doctors. We need nurses. We need everyone working in a health care facility, but they are failing us. The system is failing us, and I know speaking for myself, I have lost complete and absolute trust of any conventional doctors or nurses over the years, and it just continues to get worse. For me, my health has become a spiritual journey over the years, and I have gone through quite a few challenges, and I'm sure there will be many coming, and I also know that none of us gets out of this alive, and eventually we will need the "health care system", but for me, if I am standing in front of a doctors office, or in front of an emergency room, god forbid, I most probably am going to be in "fight or flight" mode, and it's not only going to be to fight whatever might be happening inside of my body, it's also going to be a fight AGAINST the doctors and nurses and administrators who I have no faith in, who I know will just fill out the forms, put me in the system, medicate me, as much as possible, spend about three minutes a day with me, who I feel might actually kill me, meaning that's how I feel, based on what I've been watching and experiencing for so many years now, and then they'll just have me taken away, as they move on to the next name in their chart. Who cares? Not them. That's what I've seen.

Sorry, but not sorry. I think the system sucks in this country, from the care, to the politics of it all, to the resistance to anything "natural" or "alternative", it's all just a job, and in the case of the overall system and the doctors, it's a money making machine, sitting and waiting for the next body to break down, either in a big way or even in small ways, and let the billing begin, but not the compassion. Not the education. Not the listening. The exchange with the patient. It's just "get in here, and do what we tell you to do, and don't you dare question any of it. You are stupid. We are smart. And you are lucky to be here. Some people aren't even allowed in here because they don't have insurance, and so if you notice, even if they are dying, we won't accept them here. But you are here, and so just appreciate that, Okay? The bill is in the mail, and more are coming, for the rest of your life, even if you don't get better, and if you die, we'll keep sending the bills to your family, no worries". I'm paraphrasing, but you know what I mean. I'll leave it right there. I'm pretty disgusted. Sorry for the negativity today, but this is from the heart.

Have a beautiful day. 


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