Anthony Morris

Anthony Morris of Newark, NJ was shot in his chest multiple times due to an altercation with a gentleman walking up to him and starting an argument.  He was rushed to University Hospital and pronounced dead on November 20, 1992 two days before his 24th birthday.

Who is Anthony in 2015, to his sister, Lucy "War Cry" Warsaw?

Anthony Morris came to the United States from Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa. He was the second oldest out of five children.  His parents brought him here for a better opportunity and to reunite him with other relatives.  Anthony was a head strong person who went out to achieve his goals. He loved and protected his family.  My brother was an awesome individual who would turn your frown into a smile if you were having a bad day.  He would tickle me and sing different names in the native Kru dialect.  He was an encourager to the family.  My mother was always grateful to have him around because he made sure that she was alright by having all of the chores done and paying her bills.  He thanked her all the time for bringing him to America. My mother loved him dearly.  Anthony was a family oriented person at all times.

Anthony had a charisma about him and was a natural born leader. His friends loved him because he was a problem solver and he did not allow for his friends to get bullied.  He would always make sure that were alright and he treated them as extended family.  People loved him for his intelligence, kind hearted, sincere, honest, giving, dedicated, humorous, and he always always have wonderful advice.

If Anthony was still here he would say fight for what you believe in..... Leave your legacy behind before you leave this world and most importantly never never give up...

The world is a stage and you must know your part.... Do it well and be phenomenal.

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