Josue Eloi

Shoot to kill or shoot to maim? I prefer the latter.
As you listen in your seats, please ponder on this matter.
My name is Josue Eloi. I was shot on Halloween, October 31, 1999.
My younger siblings ventured out for that holiday treat. "Those trick-or-treaters took too much candy" so the neighbors decided they should be beat.
5 Caucasions followed them waiving bats, yelling Nigg^*, bleep and bleep
When i heard of the violation as the eldest brother I stood to my feet.
But at the age of 17 my idea of protecting family was not in accordance to law.
I went back with a fake BB Gun, one that could be mistaken for.
Waiving making threats "i'll shoot, i'll shoot"
Hoping to instill the same fear that i saw in the youth.
I brought a knife to a gun fight, trespassing gives you the right to shoot!
That shotgun took my leg, a few inches higher would've been my life too.
Shoot to kill or shoot to maim, which would you rather?
Shoot to kill or shoot to maim, i'm alive, I prefer the latter!
Who is Josue in 2015?
I'm a God fearing man who aims to bring about a positive change in humanity.
I love my family, my friends and strangers alike. Many would portray me as a good samaritan and i wouldn't disagree.
Always sacrificing myself for the betterment of others and seeing the good in every being before the bad.
At the age of 17, I was shot on Halloween, October 31, 1999.
That day changed my life for better and for worse. The injury cost me my left leg.
Sports, my identity, dancing and mobility would never be the same.
My years as a youth and as an adult would never be the same.
I never aspired to get a degree in political science or a degree in Nursing, but that day changed all that.
I didn't realize how precious life was but that day changed all that.
Now I use my wisdom and talents to inspire and give hope to the less fortunate. I'm a mentor, an educator, a contributor and a problem solver.
One day God will ask me what i have done with my life and after weighing my shortcoming verse my achievements, my hope is that he will say "well done."
Now I attribute my accomplishments to the eye opening realization that,
You only live once (yolo), decisions you make cant be taken back.
Be wise with the 24 hours of your day, because you cant ever get an hour back.
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