Kareem Nelson

My name is Kareem Nelson. I was shot on Father's Day, June 18th, 1995. I was in search of something far short of being the king I was born to be, and I paid the price!

Who is Kareem in 2015?

Kareem is the Founder of Wheelchairs Against Guns, a .org of disabled individuals who suffer from disabilities due to gun violence. W.A.G’s mission is to bring awareness and to ensure the preservation of the lives, and the futures, of our inner city youth, thorough researched, detailed and effective information on prevention, and by sharing our personal testimonies. Kareem brings much needed love for our future generation through WAG. Kareem is the only son of proud parents Charisse Jackson and Michael Nelson.  He is a loving husband to Lakesha Houser-Nelson. Kareem is now part of the solution no longer the problem.

“I was born in Harlem, and was raised in both Harlem and Far Rockaway. Growing up, I was an only child who loved to play football, collect sneakers, dress and box. Those were the things I took pride in as a youth. Football was my passion as a kid. It was my best thing to do. Now my passion is giving back to my community and beyond, and I am dedicated to the preservation of our future, our youth, the bloodline that’s gonna be responsible for taking care of their elders.”- Kareem Nelson

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