Raul K. Rios

My name is Raul K. Rios, I was shot on Nov 11th 1977, 37 yrs ago, and gratefully survived. Although I was a victim, I was also a perpetrator, in that I made a poor choice that day. I was part of an armed robbery, at the age of 15, in Sunset Park Bklyn. I have since paid my debt to society, and dedicated the rest of my life to serving others.

Who is Raul in 2015?

After years of fighting drug addiction, Raul is over 20 years clean. Within this time, he has gone back to school to obtain his BA in Sociology from The College of New Rochelle. While attending college, Raul produced many poetry events, most at the world famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe, here in New York City. Raul founded LatinosNYC 8yrs ago. The belief and mission of LatinosNYC is simple; no one should go without the basics in life. LatinosNYC has sent toys and clothing to as far as Africa, and as close as Raul's own backyard, the lower east side of Manhattan. LatinosNYC has, each year for the past 4 years, "adopted"  200 children who are part of the ACS system here in NYC, as part of Citizens Day Care in Harlem, and each year, on every '3 Kings Day', LatinosNYC arrives with over 200 toys and books collected from their vast community, to give them to the children. The children pick what they want as LatinosNYC lays out the toys and books in an open room. Raul has a heart of serving others, therefore he brought up the idea to feed the less fortunate with his LatinosNYC board members, and has been doing so at Tompkins Square Park every 3rd Saturday of the month, feeding over 200 people monthly. In the poetry world, Raul is known to help others, therefore they help Raul to continue to serve. Friends such as La, Bruja, Hebrew Mamita, Rock Wilk, Mo Browne, Jive Poetic, John Chance Acevedo, Advocate of Wordz, just to name a few, keep Raul grounded, in addition to his work of being a Minister...As Raul says, "I am a servant of, and to my people, our people, the community's people." 

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