Wallace St. Clair

Two people I knew were fighting. Then the cousin of one of them jumped in and they both began beating the guy with slats from a pallet, with nails protruding from it. I tried to speak some sense to them. I was saying that they were going to kill him. That somebody in the crowd was going to tell. They still wouldn't stop, so I snatched one of them up by the collar and forcefully shoved him away from the fray while trying to calm him down. Then the other cousin told the one I had, "let's go, I know what to do". Then they left. Once they were gone, the people in the crowd started saying they were going to get guns. That's when I told Mario, who was sitting in his car during the whole thing to take Kenny out of there. He did it. Couple of minutes later after I had turned the corner and was walking up the hill, a car skidded up to me. It was the cousins. They jumped out  and one of them started yelling, I told you to mind ya business, right? That's when he raised the 45 and tried to put it in my chest. I threw a combination at him. My left hand hit the gun and my right grazed his jaw. When I hit him the gun went off, l began to back peddle across the street and he kept shooting and didn't stop until I fell backwards. Neither of us knew it, but he had hit me in the ankle with the first shot. It was my ankle giving away that ultimately saved me. He thought one of the other shots dropped me.

Who is Saint in 2015?

The people who love me said these things.
My oldest daughter, Chimere Jones said that she loves me because I'm always there for her no matter what. My middle child, Dedalia St.Clair said that she's loves me because I'm fearless. And that that's why she isn't afraid of anything. I encourage and inspire her to challenge herself and anything in front of her. And my baby, Savoy St.Clair said that she loves me because I make her feel safe. She said that there ain't nobody in the world who would go harder for her than me, and she's right. Lots of people say they would die for their children. I would die if I had to, but you best believe that Samuel Jackson in 'A Time to Kill', ain't got nothing on me. I would kill for my kids. My mother said she loves me because I care and am a giver. She said I give to a flaw, sometimes leaving little of nothing for myself. And my oldest friend, Walter "Skip" Straughter said a mouthful. He said he loves me because I'm smart and a little bit crazy. Loyal and not wishy washy and not afraid of the truth. That I accept the truth of people and myself and ain't afraid to tell it.

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Bang bang bang! Voice of the violent Guns, they are life-savers in the right hands. But where are they, the right hands? Even law-enforcers can't handle guns right What will iron do when gold rusts? Courtesy, professionalism, Respect Inscribed everywhere to inspect Where are these when the bullets fly? In the days of the wild wild west Gun-slingers had a code that they went by: No back shots and unarmed people were never shot at all _ It was tabooed Scores were settled through a public duel_ The faster and the accurate won the day. But those were the dark days, when humans were brutes We are now in new era and we need some flutes Even criminals deserve a hearing And no-one deserves to be on a string Or strangled in the open Whao!Brutal than lynching We will have none of it On the streets of the modern cities... No matter the shade of complexion So the question still arises Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect Where in the world are they When bullets fly instead of words? Gone are the people , who quit talking And let their guns take-up the role For guns have no minds of their own. They burrow the minds of those who carry them. Surely if you love you, you would not want to kill.

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