BROKE WIDE OPEN (theatrical script)

This script is written in the form of verse, as the incessant stream of consciousness that it was created out of, moving in and out of monologue, poetry and song. The 6 year journey of this work led me to my proverbial HOME, in more ways than one, and so this is my offering to anyone and everyone “searching”. I believe that for all of us, everything that we are looking for can be found inside of our own souls, within our individual and collective hearts, as I extend mine to all of you with this play, and I hope you enjoy the ride.- Rock WILK

Published by NoPassport Press

NoPassport Press

c/o PO Box 1786,

South Gate CA 90280 USA


NoPassport is an unincorporated theatre 
alliance devoted to cross-cultural, Pan-
American performance, theory, action, 
advocacy, and publication.

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