Brooklyn Quartet - (limited series)


Meet Queen as she tells the story of Esther, Saint and Jamaal. You can see the entire series on any digital device. 

In these days and times, share this heartfelt and necessary series with friends and family.

"Rock Wilk ’s BROOKLYN QUARTET—his stunning, one-man hurricane of a show that exposes the savage truth of America’s white-skin privilege... the story of three teens in Brooklyn whose lives intertwine, enrich, and ultimately define each other. It is within this relationship—a deep and warm mingling of race and class—that the awful underbelly of America’s divide is revealed.

Mr. Wilk gives sincerely nuanced dimension to each character, and has given the story variations of pacing that at once hold attention but also allow time to reflect, and as he says, “breathe.”

There is something almost uncanny in the way Wilk delivers three-way conversations, two-person arguments and adds a fourth “everyman” narrator without assuming different positions to indicate different characters—and still enables the audience never to lose track of who is speaking. I’ll repeat—that theatric accomplishment alone defines QUARTET as unique in the field."- Brent Buell

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Brooklyn Quartet (full series)


Brooklyn Quartet. Episode 1. FRIENDS.


Brooklyn Quartet. Episode 2. FAMILY.


Brooklyn Quartet. Episode 3. RESILIENCE.


Brooklyn Quartet. Episode 4. LOVE.

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