Shining Star

Check it Out
Alan "Rock" WILK


This was actually the first song I had ever written, that I ever really liked. I had written about 100 songs before this came out of me, and I felt like now maybe I was getting to a place where I was raising my bar a bit creatively. I appreciate the entire process, but it's nice to get to a place where you feel you are progressing, and so, Shining Star was that place for me, at that time in my life and my career.

TM Stevens on bass. Paul Pesco on guitar. Greg George on soprano sax. Lisa Fischer, Dennis Collins and Kevin Owens on background vocals with me, and I'm all the rest. Recording engineer was Bobby Gordon at his studio, I can't even remember the name of it now. I think it was called On Broadway, is that right? I think so.

Enjoy!! and if you love it and feel like you want to own an mp3 of it for your personal library, send me an email, and for $.99 you can have it. You can have the entire album for $10. Just email me, and I'll send you the files, but until then and in any case, enjoy this particular song, and thanks for coming by!!!