Art, and how everyone approaches the creation of it differently... as it should be.

I think expression should be unique to the person sharing, always. Of course, we are all influenced by one another, and I am one who believes that there is really nothing all that "original", when it comes to any "new work", whether it be theater, film, music, visual art, sculpture, dance, etc, etc, I am someone who believes that we are all derivative of a continuing and incessantly evolving world, but I also believe that how we share, and what it "feels" like, should be unique to the individual, and that the intention should begin from a blank space.

I think the best artists are the ones who are not preoccupied with trends or what else is "out there". I think the most meaningful artists are those who are simply communicating through the vessel that is their most creative self, and that, in itself, makes the work "original". Maybe I'm being pejorative here. That's not my intention at all, and I don't know if this makes sense to you reading this, but I had a conversation with myself this morning, as I was wondering if I was taking enough stock of myself to make sure that I wasn't doing something that has been done over and over and over again, and I came to the conclusion that I never even think that way, when it comes to creating the stories that I create, and how to share them in performance, or on film, or on the page, and so, I just let it go. The notion that I perhaps wasn't being "original". I am comfortable with the fact that whatever is coming out of me and being shared with you, is immediate, and spontaneous, albeit developed to the point of being as entertaining and provocative as I can possibly make it after coming up with the original idea, but it is certainly all mine at the beginning. Or at least I solemnly swear that I think it's mine, even though it might have been done before. I don't know about it, ever. And who knows? Maybe I AM creating something that has never been done before, but there is really no way to confirm that, and, personally, I think the odds of that are slim to none, but hey, as my mother used to say, "you never know".

One thing I do know is this... I don't know much. I just know what I know, and I always create beginning from that space. From what I know, because anything else wouldn't be authentic, at least in my opinion, and that's not interesting to me. Inauthentic art. The thought of that bores me. Anyway, that's what's on my mind today, as I am sitting here in my air conditioned bedroom, in this currently blazingly hot New York City, meaning I am pretty much trapped in this one room in my apt, because this is the only cool space here, and I have no complaints about that at all, and as a matter of fact, I am grateful for this situation that I have here, because it could be worse, and that would be bad, and so this is good.

Thank you so much for coming here today, for visiting my website. I hope this finds you well, happy and healthy and all good things like that, and as I always say, and hope for... here's to a better world, for all of us. 


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