Between day 5 and day 6.. sometimes I like to share new music that I find.... at least new to me.

Billie Eilish is so dope, that I wanted to share this live video of her and her brother, Finneas O'Connell here on my blog/cast... just because of what I just typed... it's so dope. Meaning this song. And them. And music, in general. What a great thing to share. Cool music. And so I will, from time to time, do exactly that. Like now.... At least to me, this is mad cool... and so... enjoy!!! And see you here tomorrow morning, with another entry into my blog/cast, that that will have nothing to do with this moment, but inspired by this moment, as every moment does for the next, and like that, which is what life is, and you know what I mean... and so anyway, here you go... 


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