Day 12- Reminiscence and looking ahead, all at the same time, in just a few words

I had such a great experience a few years ago, working with these amazing young jazz musicians, Corey, Leo and Karim. If you want more info about them, just ask, and I'll get you in contact with them, but that's not what today is about for me. I looked at this video when I got up this morning, it actually popped up on my YouTube homepage, which means somebody, somewhere out there in the vast world, watched it very recently, which is a cool thing, and it just has me reflecting upon, not only this particular performance, but about so many fantastic experiences that the theater has brought to my life. I'm honored to have worked with these guys, and of course, my director reg e gaines as well, and equally "blessed" (I kinda hate that word, but you know what I mean) to have been in so many life-altering and evolutionary performance and creating spaces over the past twelve years, since I left the music business and moved into this new world of mine, where theater is the center of my universe. With regards to this particular play of mine, called Brooklyn Quartet, perhaps the most meaningful part of my five year journey of working on this show was my relationship with Sean Bell's family. Valerie and William "Bud" Bell have been so generous of spirit toward me, as I ran all over the country screaming, "FIFTY SHOTS! FIFTY SHOTS! FIFTY SHOTS!", just about every night, in a theater or some kind of performance space somewhere, for five years, and they showed up at many performances in NYC, always bringing a ton of people from their community with them, invited me to events of theirs, which included bringing me in to their church, I mean, the love they gave to me is really beyond something I can really describe with words, it just is. Ha! Love... Love just is. Look at my t shirt in this video. I didn't even get to this part of my post on purpose like that. It just happened, and so, I'm going to leave it right here. I'm grateful for so much in my life, and Brooklyn Quartet, and all it contributed to my life is certainly a huge part of that gratitude. Yeah, for sure. Brooklyn Quartet. Love Just Is. Perfect. And thanks for reading all of this, and have a beautiful day, and here's to a better world, for all of us. 


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