Day 21- I got out of town for some air and some goodness...

Yeah, I know about Sarah Sanders leaving, and I know about how Kelly Conway should be out of there as well, and I know what Trump said the other day about taking foreign information about a rival, and I know about Syria, and Venezuela, and Mexico, and that asshole preacher-cop from Tennessee who called for the “execution” of LGBTQ folks, yeah, I know about all of it. I even know about Kawhi, and KD, and Klay, and Steph, and the draft coming up, and the Knicks, and David Ortiz getting shot, and yeah, I know about all that stuff. I mean, I know what’s going on, I pay attention, but I’m not all that locked in to all of it at the moment, to be honest. I have a lot going on in my own, real life at the moment, and so, today, I felt like I needed some air, and some good feelings, and so I got up early, got my running gear on, headed out to my car, and drove up to Ramapo Reservation, this amazing place in Mahwah, NJ, to run around the lake, and those incredibly green trees, and all the cool dogs being walked, and the birds and the quiet, the waterfalls, the hills, the flats, the river and the people fishing in it with those boots that they wear that cover them completely over their legs, and damn, I ran a few miles, maybe a little bit faster than I wanted to, because I was so happy to be there, it gave me so much life, and so I tried to slow it down for a while, to stretch out the time before I had to get on my way back to the city, and it was just a really good morning. Exactly what I needed. One of those things where I had to ask myself, “why don’t I do this at least once a week?” And so I probably will try and do that, at least more often than once a decade, which it’s kinda been, I think, or maybe I’ve been there about four of five times over the last ten years, but you know what I mean. I need more of that life, and I’m gonna grab it more often, and that’s really all I wanna say tonight, and thanks for reading this, I appreciate you visiting my website, because I know it’s a lot to get people to leave social media and just come to my own personal space here on the internet, and so, yeah, thanks, and I hope this finds you well, and have a good rest of the night, or day, depending upon when you are reading this, and as I always way, here’s to a better world, for all of us.




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