Day 22- Close your eyes... AFTER you read this, and be brave and specific enough to dream.

I think it’s really important to visualize. To try and “see” what you want, in your minds eye. To close your eyes from time to time and look directly at where you are going. To actually see yourself there. I think that really helps in accomplishing things. In getting places. In acquiring stuff. To clarify your intentions is very powerful in my opinion, and so, today I am doing that. I am seeing myself in the space where I will be developing this next theatrical production of mine, of my new play, Imagine Judith. I am seeing it as both a solo show and as ensemble. I am seeing productions in both NYC and in Los Angeles. To start. I am seeing the collaborator meetings, from our initial get-together to us working in space. To meeting with all of the various and amazing people I will be working with over dinner. Lunch. In our respective homes. I can feel the energy being built as each phase moves to the next, toward the final sharing of this new work with as many people as possible, in the most beautiful and sacred performance spaces. I see educational opportunities with this work. Going into schools, providing workshops and possibly even curriculum. I see amazing art being created for Imagine Judith, in a plethora of different kinds of ways. I see contribution. From people building this story, to the effect this story will have on the world, once it gets out there. I see a solo play. I can feel myself sharing my performance storytelling, in magical spaces with amazing audiences. I also see an ensemble. Great actors bringing each character to life on stage. Groundbreaking lighting design and projection. Direction. An amazing and gifted stage manager. I see dedicated producers with a massive and solid, unified commitment to see this work find its place in spaces where it will be received by as many different types of audiences as possible. Deal makers. Doers. I see the solo play. I see the ensemble play. I see a documentary style film based on my solo performance. I see a fully cast feature film of Imagine Judith. I see workshops in schools, teaching kids about adoption. Helping parents adopt better. Helping everyone involved to do better. To be more aware of what they need to be aware of. I see this art making a huge contribution in all of these ways. Community is a word that keeps popping up in my head as I close my eyes and see and feel. I see a magical and transformative image, created by a genius artist that is the face of all of this work. I can see all of it. I can feel all of it. I am deeply involved in the work already. I have two scripts. One solo script, and one ensemble script. I have done multiple readings already. I have a few great collaborators already, and so this ship has left the port and is moving. I see what’s out there in the vast ocean that is this journey, and I am on board, fully 100% committed to ride it and give all of myself to it. I can see. I can feel. I am present. And so let’s see where all of this goes from here, and thanks for reading all of this, and I hope you have a beautiful Saturday, or had one, if you are reading this at another time, and as I always say, here’s to a better world, for all of us.


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