Day 23- I don't forget anything, pretty much, but I look forward to what I don't know yet, too

Sorry up front, I'm gonna ramble, because this is really emotional for me, and so, excuse the chaos that might ensure here, because I'm not going to go back and edit it at all. And so......

If you zoom into this photo, and read the metal plate, you will learn about one of the parts of my life that I will never forget. Well, it's hard to forget over forty years of your life, but, even if this part of my life had just been a few weeks, these people, and all of the people connected to them, and so much of what happened during the years that I was connected to them, are all completely and absolutely, unforgettable. That sentence was really confusing, but you know what I mean. Jack and Jane Rollins were amazing is what I mean. Every drop of them. All of them and their lives. All of it. All of them. Every drop, and so, I carry all of that with me, to this day, and for the rest of my own life. To me, this makes their life, meaning Jack and Jane Rollin's collective life, one "well lived", to say the least. Well, not just one life, because they were definitely two very independent people, with lives of their own respectively, but I have to say that they were also "connected at the hip", as they say, in many ways. "Jack and Jane". "The Rolli". They were "one" to so many people. 110 Riverside Drive. Apartment 9D. NYC 10024. 212 7*7 ***2. (I hid that, just in case someone took the number), 83rd and Riverside, "right where you can walk into the park. By that entrance near the hill. You know, by the playground. Where the kids can go sleigh-riding in the winter. You know what I mean. It's right there." I can say all of that now, because that magical space has been shifted over to someone new now, a family, most probably, that none of us know, maybe with young kids, or a young couple who might have children at some point, and hopefully they are on toward their own forty or fifty or eighty years of memories themselves.

But our memories will live for eternity, or as long as there is a human species, and even one person who was connected to "The Rolli", because the stories and the experiences, the gatherings, the laughter, the meals, the generosity, the intellectual inspiration, the silliness, the seriousness, the love... yeah... the love... all of that has enough amazing energy to last many, many lifetimes, and so, today, two days after Jane's birthday, I am remembering them. Actually, I did this yesterday, meaning I found myself on 83rd Street and West End Avenue, and I thought, "how can I not go sit on that bench?" And so I did. I sat down, closed my eyes, and remembered talking to Mr Rollins for hours on end in that exact spot, for so many years, about all kinds of different and various things, kinda like I used to talk to my father, but just a little bit different, but pretty close in certain kinds of ways, mostly in the heart kinds of ways, and that's what I'm feeling today.

Memories. People. Experiences. Connection. Being included. Being seen. Stories. Bagels from H&H. Black and white cookies. Sees chocolate always around the kitchen. Zabars. Jane's chicken. Bubblegum. The Yankees. The Giants. That piano. Cenedella. Botero. Comedy. Laughter. Really loud laughter. Music. Friends. Friends. Friends. Tears. Love. Lots of love. I'll never forget any of it. Not even a single drop. And I'll leave this right here. At the love part. And thanks for reading this, and have a beautiful day, and here's to a better world, for all of us


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