Day 25- If it's not on Facebook or Instagram, is it still a sefie?

Sometimes I like to take pictures of myself to remember what I looked like on a day when something happened that I know I won't forget. It's kind of a way to look at myself and really remember what a particular moment in my life looked like, if I ever look back at this post. I like the thought of that, and so I do it, from time to time. This is me today. June 18th, 2019. Around 9pm-ish, waiting for the D train at Bedford Park Blvd, because my train from further downtown didn't go all the way to my stop at 205th, for some reason, and so, we had to get out and wait to go one stop. Of course, I was tortured thinking I should just get up on the street and walk the ten minutes to my apartment, but the train came before I had to make any kind of decision, and so, that's not why I wanted to remember today. Actually, the reason is kind of personal, and something I would rather not share, and so I'm not going to, but I did want to share the notion that I was wondering if this is still a selfie, even though it won't show up on social media, unless someone else shares it, if anyone else on the planet earth even sees it. I mean, who knows? Anyway, interesting thought, you think? Oh yeah, someone would have to be visiting me here for that last question to make any kind of sense. Ok, enough words for this blog today. I hope you had a good one, and I hope you have an even better one tomorrow, meaning your day, and thanks for stopping by, I appreciate that, and take care of yourself, and everyone you love, and here's to a better world, for all of us. 


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