Day 33- A poem, a letter to myself, a reminder as good nutrition.

I'm gonna use this space to share some art. A poem. A reminder to myself. And since it's art, I'm even going to use a different font than I usually use. For today. For art. For good nutrition for myself, and hopefully for anyone who is nice enough to come here and read my words, which I always greatly appreciate and never take for granted. As I always approach things of this nature, I won't "explain" this poem at all. I'll just let it live and breathe on its own. "Live and breathe". I like that, and so, I'll just leave this right here, and follow with...

Just a Reminder (regarding stories, and a note to myself)

By Rock WILK


Just a reminder of who you are

Of what you say

Of where you’ve been


Just a reminder that you lost your way

That you were placed out of the way

That you were taken away

You were placed in a place

away from your first place

and as much as it was a beautiful place

you couldn’t see it that way


Not this way

Not your way

You old-soul, brand-newly-breached, bastard-birthed-baby

You just don’t see things that way

Not pretty that way

Not flowers that way

Not magnificent like a deep, silent breath

You see steps-climbing kinda breath


231st and Broadway

187th in the Heights, near the A train

West 230th connecting Riverdale and Netherland

You breathe like that

Out of breath like that

In a good way

Rise like that

Sweat like that

Make you spit like that

Lift up your whole body, one leg at a time like that

Forefoot-quad-flexed, calf-stretched, glute-strengthed-strong

You walk like that


You run like that

You jump like that

You move like that

Straight up

Get up

Look up

Listen up

So once in a while you’re all beat up

Everyone gets beat up


Cauliflower ear-ed

Jab twisted

Snap necked

Cyclone vertigo-ed

But you won’t just sit like that

Not after all of that

Not after you’ve been through all of that

You ain’t gonna lay down like that

Like that?



Won’t bloody face, 

tooth busted, 

eye un-socketed, 

canvas smelling, 

ten counted, 

out cold, 


You’ll never be like that

Because you’re not still like that

You ain’t breathless like that

Remember that?

I need to remind you of that?

You were almost that


They told you to be that

To stay down

Just close your eyes and let the referee wave it off

Get assisted up and carried back to your corner, and get on your stool

Lose your stool

Shit all over yourself

Piss your pants

You’re all beat up

You’re all beat down


They told you to stay down

Encouraged you to lay there

Lie there

Just lie there

Lie there like bullshit

See what I did there?

Just relax and begin to fade away there

But you weren’t having that

Just to remind you, you defied that


Defied them to define you

Nobody can define you but you,

even when they have been made god.

Who made them god, anyway?

Sometimes you have to defy god to define yourself

I know that ain’t easy, I mean, who defies God, anyway?

Just to remind you, you did


Took a deep breath and then another one

Exhaled, and you did it again

and again

It ain’t easy to create your own rules

Your own space

Your own place

But you did

Just to remind you

You took that deep breath, and just in case you’ve forgotten...


You were breathless like Point Dume at six eighteen pm

You ARE breathless like Point Dume at six eighteen pm

You’re all sunset and purple and pink wildflowers

Deep green wind blown grasses

You’re Stinson Beach at the first singing blue jays

Cold salt water rushing between your toes

Those amazing houses right on the beach up in the direction of Bolinas

You’re epic like Mt Tam


You’re Carmel like that

Carmel, California

You’re just like that day, 

standing on that huge rock, 

when you got slapped flat on your back, 

and the Pacific stole your shirt


You lost your shirt

That shit was crazy, remember? 

You were lucky that didn’t kill you, 

But it didn’t

And so that’s what I mean...

You’re Carmel like that


Carmel, California

I bet there is someone, somewhere in this world who thinks you taste like that

Just like that

At least metaphorically like that

Carmel can be delicious like that

You know, caramel

Someone thinks you’re delicious like that

You need to think you’re delicious like that.


Believe you’re all Big Sur in that kinda way

Raw-rocky, wave-crashing, edge-of-the-earth like that.

Fucking Grand Canyon like that.

You’re that misty night in London

over by Camden Locke

near the little bridge by that cool restaurant 

filled with Doc Martens and Amy Weinhouse hair wearing, hip-in-the-good-kinda-way people

and that Asian girl playing Giant Steps on a ukulele on the street that night

almost as badass as Coltrane

as Gregory Hines and Stanley Clarke in that Arsenio Hall video

I swear, 

(and if you don’t remember, google that shit, it’s amazing)

That shit is number one


Numero uno

All of it

Stinson Beach

The Bronx


The Heights

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder

Arthur Avenue

Chicken Kashmiri

Talenti Sea Salt Caramel gelato

I mean, thousands of things can be the best

Can be number one

I mean, do I have to remind you that you’re all soul and badass like that?

And that you aren’t just a number?


You’re not a number at all

Number “one” is just a “thing”, 

it’s a metaphor

I used the word “metaphor” again on purpose

You’re not a number

Not a metaphor

You’re not simply numbers

You can’t be defined by integers and square roots 

and addition by subtraction 

and multiplication and division

There’s no division in you


You’re not broken up like that

You’re not broken down like that

You’re not broken down like that

You’re not broken down like that

You’re still building


Still a building

With the strongest foundation

Just to remind you

You’re all of you and no one else

No one else is anybody else, does that make sense?


You’re not all divided up

Cut up

Sliced and diced 

and priced

You ain’t got no price

When people put a price on you, there’s great cost

If you buy into it

So don’t buy into it

Don’t buy into it

Don’t buy into it

See what I did there?

Three times?

And then again? ...with regards to numbers? ...and then how I tied it all into prices?

And slices?

Being diced up like that?

Back to prices...


Be priceless

You’re priceless

You’re building...

Steps and more steps and endless stories

Ten stories become twenty stories become one hundred stories as long as you continue to build

To rise


Be a hi-rise

This is your story

Be a whole story

A WHOLE-istic story

That’s who you are

What you always have said

That’s your story and so stay sticking to it.


Just to remind you that you’ve been writing your story

All of your stories

There are so many more stories

This poem is just one story

One moment

Everything is just one moment


One story

If you keep walking up the steps, there is another story

Just open your door and look in the lobby of where you live right now

What do you see?

A stairwell leading to all of these stories

See what I mean? 

You live on the fifth story

There are other people living on the fourth story

And the second story

And you know what I mean

And think about all of the plethora of stories on each story…


Just to remind you of who you are

Of where you’ve been

As long as you have another story to tell

There will always be another step to climb

There’s no end to this poem

Just to remind you

There’s no end to this story

Just more steps

Just more stories

I keep saying the word “stories”

I’m trying to make a point


Just in case you need to be reminded

This is your story

You’re writing your story

Nobody else gets to write your story

The question is…

Do you believe your own story?


Just to remind you...

Believe your own story

because it’s the only story you really, truly know.

And as a reminder

Be careful with that.

With writing your story.

That’s it.

The point

The end

Of this particular story.


©2019 Alan “Rock” WILK

All rights to my life reserved


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