Day 37- I'm posting a selfie, because today is a day I want to remember.

I post selfies on days I want to remember when I look back at them. It is a good way for me to remember how I felt in that exact moment. A literal snapshot. Today is one of those days. Today I saw a play that a friend of mine is Producer on. It was awesome. Today I also got to see my dear friend who lives in California, who is the sister to the Producer I just mentioned, who also lives in California, and so that is double awesome. They are both transplanted New Yorkers. REAL New Yorkers. Upper West Siders. Today I got to spend some time with a friend who showed me some of the most amazing spirit and courage and soul. Dignity, grace, humor, power and just the most inspiring parts of being human. She is the other sister of the three dear friends of mine. She's still in New York. Holding it down on the Upper West Side. Always. I have been "a part of the family" to all of them for over forty years. I can't believe I just typed that, but it's true. Forty. 40. More than that. Amazing. They are people I would do anything for, and they certainly have done so much for me over the years. Them, and their parents, who were like my "surrogate second adopted family" kind of parents. Actually, third adopted parents, since I was adopted, but you know what I mean. We were very close. Anyway, I also got to spend some time with two other friends yesterday, who I haven't spent time with in many years. Just some casual time, sitting outside, under an awning of a cool restaurant on 88th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, in my old neighborhood on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, with the rain pouring around us on the street, talking, and just having a really good time. A beautiful shared experience, as I often say about my theater work. That this is exactly what I'm trying to achieve with my work, with regards to my experience with an audience. I'm trying to achieve the same comfort and intimacy that something like yesterday provides in my personal life from time to time. Like yesterday. I'll say it again, on purpose, because I want to really make the point about yesterday. All around. It was beautiful. It was human, too, because as time passes, life is a mothafucker. It can be cruel inside of the beautiful. Life is sobering. It's tragic. It's heartbreaking. And at times, it is irrevocable. I still think that the most important part of life, meaning the part we really need to learn as human beings, is that, even amidst all of the hard stuff that I just mentioned, if you look deep enough, there is always some beautiful in there. Always. Lots of it. My heart was broken yesterday in so many ways. My heart was full with love and inspiration yesterday in so many ways, as well. I laughed. I conversed. I listened. I shared. I cried. Hard. At the end of the day. I cried like a baby. I want to remember that, and all of yesterday, for the rest of my life, because days like yesterday are a great gift. It filled me, and now I can move forward with all of that emotion, reminded of how amazing this existence can be. How amazing it is. I'm filled with gratitude today, and working hard at feeling that way every day. And that's it for now. And thanks for visiting me, and I hope you have a beautiful day, and here's to a better world, for all of us... I'm leaving my snapshot of today here. To remember. No filters. This ain't social media. This is home. This is family. This is my life, today. 


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