Day 38- A road trip out of town to visit an old friend, who also happens to be my dentist, and more.

Today I had to leave the city again... or actually, I was lucky enough to take another road trip, because I had to go back upstate to see my dentist, after going the other day, because I had some crazy mad pain going on in my mouth. Teeth pain is the worst. The kind that makes you feel like someone hooked up an electrical wire to your face. The inside of your face. It sucks, as anyone who has ever had a toothache will attest to. At least I think they would. Anyway, I left really early, and wandered around Rockiand County for a while. Visited my parents graves. Drove along the Hudson. Seven Lakes Drive near Bear Mountain. It was a really beautiful day, and the best part was that my friend the dentist still can't find anything wrong with me. He took x rays today, and my gums and the roots of my teeth are healthy looking, and I actually feel a lot better, and so, who knows? As long as I'm headed in a better direction, I don't need to have a definition for my pain. I'll just be appreciative and astonished at how my body can fix itself, somehow, every single time, and that will be the case until the day I die, and I will never get used to it, or take that fact for granted, meaning the healing powers of my body. Just amazing. Mind/body/spirit. It's a true story.

Aren't these photos amazing? They don't even do justice to the beauty I encountered today, but at least they're something you can look at and get the general idea of my experience. I'm trying. ;)

I love the city, but nature is necessary, too. It is healing. Calming. Sobering. Humbling. Amazing. I love to be in nature so much. To wander aimlessly, to run, to drive thru, to walk, any time I get to be in it, I know I am just a bit healthier than I was before I got there, for sure.

And so that was my day, and now it's night time, and I'm gonna work on my script, because I am at a place with my work where if I don't have this story memorized, I can't make any money and no opportunities will be available to me as a result of writing this story, and so, it's back to the hard work for me, the memorizing and placing of these words into my body, so I can share the story titled Imagine Judith from the inside-out of me. Which is what I love to do more than anything. Anyway, this post is not about that, it's about the beautiful day I had today, and so, I'm not gonna get too deeply into my script in this blog post, I'll save that for the rest of my evening, and instead, I'm just gonna leave this all right here... and thanks for coming by, and hope this finds you well, and have a beautiful rest of your day or night, and as I always say, here's to a better world, for all of us.



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