Day 40- Racism and sexism and all kinds of "ism's" in Americal, and it makes me sick.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes to a detention center at the southern border to see what's going on first hand, and she says, "I wasn't safe in there". Border patrol agents speaking about her inappropriately leaked to the public. Sexist and racist comments. This is disgusting and should be embarrassing for all Americans. And now, today, I read about Shaquille Dukes, a patient in a hospital in Freeport, Illinois, taking a walk with his brother and his boyfriend, while attached to IV, meaning he was wheeling it with him while taking this walk, and he's stopped by security and arrested by police and accused of stealing equipment from the hospital. He was wearing a hospital gown. An IV drop IN HIS ARM. Seriously? I mean, c'mon... for real, can you imagine this happening to any white person in this country, ever? I don't think you can. Because the reality of us, is that it just doesn't happen to white people like that. If you are white, and you are recovering from pneumonia, and you are walking with your brother and your boyfriend, and you are wearing a hospital gown and connected to an IV drip, and you are wheeling along with you as you walk, you are not being stopped by anybody and being accused of stealing hospital equipment if you are white. But if you are black, you are probably risking going to jail if you do something like that. I'm so sick of racism and sexism and xenophobia in this country. Homophobia. All of it. It makes me ill. Angry. Frustrated. Tired. I can't even believe anyone would question Ocasio-Cortez on anything she has brought to light over the past few days about the holding center at the southern border that she just visited. People who side-eye her just hate immigrants, Period. Just say it, because that's what it is. This is all political and social rhetoric. Because the fact is, nobody down there cares about those kids, or the adults in those centers. People are drinking out of toilets!! Why would she make that up? Sick. And as far as Shaquille. Sorry you are a black man in this country, because that's a hard road to travel. I, for one, stand with you, and will keep screaming about this kind of disgusting behaviour for the rest of my life, as I have for my entire life up until now, but I also know it's not enough. I don't do enough. I make most of my art about this kind of issue, but do I make any kind of real contribution? I don't feel like I do, and if I do, that's awesome, but I don't think that's the case. And so why am I writing about it here? I don't even know. I guess it's just because this is my blog, and this is how I feel, and this is how I've always felt, and what I've always done, and so, this is me, and I don't know how to be anything other than myself, and so, there you have it. Anyway, I'm hoping for better days ahead for people of color in this country, and as a result, for all of us. I'm so angry today. No editing here, I won't even go back and look at what just came out of me, and so, please excuse any typos, or sentences that don't make sense, I think in any case you get what I am trying to express, and that's what's most important here. Ok, thanks for coming by, and have a beautiful day, and fuck having tanks and military presence at the 4th of July celebration in Washington, that's fucking disgusting, too. Why? Because that money should be spent elsewhere, but I think that's pretty obvious, right? Ok, and as I always say, here's to a better world, for all of us. Oh... the link to the article about Shaquille is here.



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