Day 41- A Ghost bike, Madison's birthday, friends, loss, love. And don't drink and drive

Yesterday was Madison's birthday. Madison Jane Lyden. I didn't know Madison. Not at all. I just walked by this bicycle yesterday on Central Park West, where Madison was killed. She was here on vacation, "a trip of a lifetime", according to her father, and an Uber driver swerved into the bike lane, and the next thing you know, Madison had to swerve herself, to get out of the way, and she was hit by a private sanitation truck, and a life was lost. She died in Roosevelt Hospital. The truck's driver was drinking. The police found three empty cans of beer in the truck, but the driver was released when his attorney said he had eaten a chicken sandwich after consuming the beer before driving, and so, the judge and/or the court apparently thought that was okay, and a reasonable explanation, and so they let him go. No comment from me, I'd rather just honor this young life today. Madison was 23 years old, visiting NYC from Australia with her best friend. She left behind her parents, and her twin sister. By the way, this is a "ghost bike", which is something that honors people who encounter situations exactly like this, not only here in NYC, but actually all over the world, which is pretty cool. Google that, if you're interested. A reminder that cars and bicycles share the road, no matter where you are, which is a good thing to always keep in mind. Anyway... I had to stop when I saw this tonight as I was walking by. I read every word wrapped around this bike like a bunch of huge hugs. Rest in Peace Madison. My heart goes out to you and your family, and everyone who knew and loved you. <3


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