Day 42- What's happening today? Stuff to do, people to see...

I got up early. Did some busy work. You know, paperwork. Well "computer" work, which is the same thing, basically. Gonna meet a dear friend for breakfast in a little while. Gonna work on Imagine Judith. Gonna stay hydrated in this heat. Gonna stretch, do some strength work, and go for a run later this afternoon. Gonna make some good food for my body. It's the day after July 4th, and so, there's not a lot going on in the city, so many people are out of town, but it's still a day, which should never be taken for granted, and so, I never will be someone who does that, meaning someone who takes any day for granted. But that doesn't mean my blog posts will be interesting all the time. Today, my post is pretty boring. Sorry for that, but I'm still here, and that should count for something, right? And thanks for coming by and visiting me, and I hope you have a beautiful and productive day, and as I always say, here's to a better world, for all of us. That's it for today. Tomorrow will, hopefully, be more interesting. #LoveJustIs


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