Day 46- I'm going on hiatus from here now, too, but you can still keep up with me, if you want to...

I'm in the midst of developing my new play, Imagine Judith, and that takes a lot of my focus and time, and so, I'm not gonna be coming here every morning to write anymore. At least for a while. I need to give this work all of my attention for the foreseeable future, and so, this website will be updated as needed, with regards to my work, and so please keep checking back. The homepage is always being changed, as is my bio as I get to do more things, and the press page will continue to grow, as will the music page as I create more music, or feel like I want to share some more old music, and so, as you see, I don't really need to come here and write a blog every day, just to be writing. I do enough writing with my work, and so, at least for now, that time goes back to Imagine Judith, and if I really feel the need to comment on something, I'll certainly come here and do so, just not every day, and without feeling like it's kind of important for me to do so, and so finally...... if you want to keep up with me on an even deeper level, please subscribe to my email list, (look for the button here at my site) and you will get my newsletter, which comes around once a month, and then you will be in the proverbial loop, above and beyond just this blog page. Thank you so much for all of the support and attention you bring my way, I really appreciate that and never take any of it for granted, it is always an honor for me to have people get behind my work and push me forward, that's what it's all about as a performer, to get the opportunity to share with as large an audience as possible, and so, again, thank you so much, and take care of yourselves between here and there, until next time, stay well, be happy, and as I always say, here's to a better world, for all of us. See you soon, at a theater, or on some kind of a screen, near you! 



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