Days 28 and 29- Okay, so I missed a day. That's gonna happen from time to time...

I mean, sometimes we get really busy, and really, that's the whole point of me leaving social media for this hiatus anyway, right? Because it was sucking so much of my time that I felt I had to cut it off for a while, and so, here I am, explaining why I couldn't make it here yesterday. I was busy running around, doing stuff, and when I was home, I was working on my script. Actually on TWO scripts, and so, yeah, I was really busy. Anyway... I'm happy to say that I had a major breakthrough with Imagine Judith yesterday. I have been struggling with the repetitive nature of this play for about a year now. Workshopping it, doing readings all over the place, trying to figure out how to keep the repetition that I like but also how to get rid of the part that was feeling tedious to me, and I'm sure to the audience. I just couldn't find that "sweet spot" of the story to cut it out, or to change it and make it work. Finally, yesterday, I found it. I had allowed myself a few days away from reading the story, and I came back fresh and there it was... I realized that about fifteen pages should be subtext in my head, and not anything that I actually needed to say out loud. That this part of the script was a section that, if I did a Q&A after any performance, everything in that section would probably be brought up by an audience member without me having to say any of it in the actual play. In other words, there were no "a ha" moments, just moments that I was bringing up that had already been dealt with earlier in the play. I was doing it on purpose, it was a way I felt I needed to communicate this story, and so there was a real balance in how to say what I wanted to say and how best to express it without slowing it all down and making it too hard to receive, and I am pretty sure I finally found the best way to tell this story yesterday, and so that makes me happy, and I'm sure any audience member who is nice enough to come see my new play eventually, will be happier for this moment of mine as well. Meaning the flow will be better. Is better. You know what I mean. Anyway, I'm gonna leave this here for today, I have stuff to do, there is a lot going on in my life at the moment, and so, thanks for coming through, and for understanding that there will be days that I simply won't be able to get here, but I promise I will make it up either the next day, or sooner than later over a few days or perhaps even weeks, from time to time, maybe, and I hope this finds you well, happy and healthy and all good things like that, and have a beautiful rest of your day, and see you again soon, and here's to a better world, for all of us. 


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