My hiatus from Facebook and Instagram, but I'm still here...

Today is my mother's birthday. Today is also the day I begin a long hiatus from social media, or at least from Facebook and Instagram, for a few different reasons. Most importantly, to be able to give more of my focus and heart/brain space to Imagine Judith, my newest story, which is becoming a theatrical work and a documentary style film. There is more to tell about that story, which will be revealed over time.

In any case, and for now, I just wanted to say welcome to this new space. I will be updating it just about every day, with both words and video, and I hope you come by as often as you feel so inclined, and that you participate in the conversation, and please feel free to share any and all that you experience here on your social media pages. Thank you so much for being here, and for being an integral part of my creative process. I never take any of that, or you, for granted. And so...... here we go, as we begin tomorrow. It would be awesome for you to bookmark this page in your browser, and let's stay connected, as I continue to share my journey with you... 



Let's do this!
Happy Birthday Mrs Wilk!!!

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