I can complain and be a hater, too. Just watch.

I often write in the morning about nothing in particular, and so today, my “nothing in particular” is going to be a complaint to the universe, because if I’m gonna complain, let me do it here where it’s private (kinda/sorta) and with no expectations of waiting for someone to give me any kind of solution. I’m spitting in the wind here, but that’s cool, because I really don’t want to complain as much as I want to get these feelings out of my body, and so…

I hate email. I hate texting. Both suck to me. I mean, they are necessary evils, in my mind at least, because this is how the world communicates now, but I think they both have really diminished a certain quality with regards to so many things, from personal relationships to business. I’m gonna complain about business first. Well, nah… I’ll keep this short and cover it all together… 

I think we live in a very generic world now, and I believe it’s because the world is so “small” as technology has brought us here. It ruins culture, waters it down, it takes time and compresses it, which to me, takes away from our own personal reflection that used to only happen during “quiet time”, meaning time when you weren’t “connected” by a cell phone, a smart phone, a computer, your tablet… you were just with you. You were “in between phone calls”, or in between “meeting”, and I put quotes around those because they are a part of the past, pretty much, now. You were on the bus, or in your car, or on the train, or whatever was happening in your life, you were there, “until the next time”. But now, it’s, “Just send me an email and let me know when you want to do this, or what it is, or send me the links, and I look forward to it”. This is how it goes down now, as opposed to sitting with someone, in person, (or on the phone, at least, voice to voice), and sharing a conversation. Hearing inflection, tone, silence between points, where you can feel what is happening, as opposed to putting it all into a text or an email, and just “knocking it out”. Get it done. Yes or no. Period. Time is moving and we need to make a decision. 

I don’t know, I guess for me, when I want to do something with regards to my creative work, I never feel like I can describe it in a text or an email, partially because that feels like a pain in the ass to me, to have to figure out how to explain it all in “written” words, as opposed to being able to talk about it, but I guess that’s because I’m not really young and truly a part of this generation, at least in terms of my literal age, and so, I just don’t get it, but…. I see very few great UNIQUE artists anymore. I see influence from ocean to ocean, every single day, and to me, that’s not a good thing, because I’m talking about we can watch one another in real time now, and we no longer look within ourselves to express, we look to compete, to compare, it’s almost impossible to be different now, we’re not present and living where we actually are, and that is showing itself in art, across the board, at least to me.

Who are the great music artists of our time and how are they different from one another, really? I think we have lost the days of Miles and Coltrane, James Brown, Al Green, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and then on to Prince, Michael Jackson, The Police, The Doobie Brothers, Aerosmith, Genesis, Queen, Earth Wind and Fire, The Clash, Luther, The Stones, and so many more, all creating their own art, and constantly evolving music forward… Who’s really different now? I guess Beyonce in her own way, but to me, isn’t Beyonce really Chaka? Or a combination of Chaka and Michael? And hip hop now… who’s that artist moving things forward? Who’s doing it and standing out? Sure, every so often we get a provocative video or some kind of massively expensive performance on an awards show, or something like that, but who’s turning out albums that are changing the landscape of culture like Run DMC? Jay Z? Biggie? Tupac? Bands like Tribe Called Quest? Eminem. NWA? Nas? Dre? Public Enemy? Nobody, really. I know there are some massively talented people out here, like Kendrick, but it ain’t breaking no ground, at least to me. It’s just massive technology for a few minutes, but there isn’t a culture thing going on that is raising any bar of creativity or social awareness. I don’t see it myself, but that’s just me. 

And then there’s the personal stuff. People will actually text you to send condolences for a death in our family. Or if you have an illness that you are dealing with, let’s say it’s even life threatening, god forbid, people will text you way more than they will call you, it’s crazy to me, but it’s real. Facts. Boring. I’m really gonna respond to something like this in a text message? It makes life seem so bullshit. So small. I have to tell you how I feel about someone close to me dying in a text? Nah. I’m not doing that. It’s stupid. Oops, that sounds pejorative, so………...

I’m bored with myself already, I feel like a hater now, and maybe I am, at least this morning, and so I’m going to end this post, I think you know what I mean. If I want to do something, I want to talk to you. I don’t want to send you fourteen texts to try and explain myself. That bores the fuck out of me and sucks the life out of my enthusiasm. But nobody wants to talk anymore. People feel like talking is a waste of their time. They don’t have time to talk, so send a text, or an email, and see you at the venue for a few hours, and that’s it. That’s life. We have a major personal issue, I’m gonna just send a text and re-connect and fix the issue. Ummm, NO. It bores me. It’s not tangible. It’s something else. And... I guess that’s okay, I’m not judging anyone else for thriving like this, but for me, it ain’t it. That’s it.

Anyway…. Back to work, I have a play to work on, and hopefully people to share it with at some point, and this is where my focus is in this weird, isolated world where we are ironically connected at the hip 24/7 but completely disconnected, all at the same time. Anyway, this new play, headed for some good things. Hopefully. We’ll see if I can get my texts and emails and submissions together, because all of that is much more important that being in the theater and watching me do my thing. This is fact. But I’m just gonna keep doing my thing, because I don’t know how to do that other stuff very well. Clearly. I’ll keep trying, I’m not looking to isolate myself, but I am of the tangible world, and so… thanks for reading all of this, and have a beautiful day, and hopefully see you soon, or at least talk to you soon, and here’s to a better world, for all of us. 


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