I hate racism. I hate hate. I hate racists. I hate that I have hatred in my body.

I think we all know that there will be no real backlash to this President’s tweets about “the squad”. I think we know that many people in this country are happy that kind of talk came out of the mouth of their leader. That it has now been given a platform to “discuss” whether or not it is racism, which is ridiculous. He’s a racist, period. Interesting how I have listened and watched so much over the last couple of days, and the one question I was waiting to hear asked of someone was, “why hasn’t Donald Trump said the same thing to, let's say, Bernie Sanders?”, or “who complains about this country more than Bernie Sanders? and so why not tell him to go back to where you came from?”, something like that, because the thing is, Bernie Sanders is not even a part of this conversation because he is a white man and is not subject to this type of hatred. He might be “hated” by many Republicans in this country, but he is not subject to the type of “other” discrimination that the four women in "the sqaud" are subject to, simply for the color of their skin. Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts. All women, and all women of color. Three of them born here, one came here with her family as a child, fleeing danger for a better life, and now SERVING her community, who are all citizens of this country. These four women criticize many things about this country. As it should be, they are POLITICIANS. They are representing their communities. Communities who VOTED for them. That is about as American as it gets, at least to me. C'mon, this is obvious... And so here's the thing... Bernie Sanders has criticized this country in ways that are equal to, or go way beyond what any of these woman have expressed, but it’s “different”, and the reason for that is that Bernie Sanders is a white man. Fact. Nobody, not even a Republican, is going to tell Bernie Sanders to "go back to where you came from", because even the most racist people in this country, and even the people who hate Bernie Sanders for his left leanings and his political beliefs, still think of him as a "true American", and that he "belongs here", simply because he is white. That's the only passport you need in this country. As long as you're white and you don't have an accent from another country, you're American. Everyone else is "other". This is really a dumb conversation, because it’s obvious that we live in a racist society, and we always have. We are built upon white supremacy, and this is also a fact. From the day this country was created, it's been white people making the rules and people of color being oppressed, and fighting to stop that injustice. That's the history of the United States. So... back to my point... Just listen and look at the women here, who were interviewed on CNN. I think they were all from Texas, and they saw absolutely nothing wrong with what this President said, and, in fact, fully support him and will vote for him again. They all try to come off as “nice women”, but they are evil personified. Dangerous. Cruel. Ugly. Disgusting. Privileged and entitled, and completely self- unaware of any of these descriptions about them. I’m quite sure they would be offended and appalled at my description of them, but my characterization of them is fact. Not my opinion. They are racist. They support this notion of “other”, for sure. They have no empathy for any human being with darker skin than them. None. All the interviewer at CNN had to ask them was, “why doesn’t Bernie Sanders get the same treatment?” The ugly women from Texas in that interview would not have been able to answer that question, because they would never tell a white person to “go back to where you came from”.  They are stupid women. They wouldn’t even understand the question. They think this is THEIR home. And that it is a white home. I imagine what would go on in their brains would be, “Bernie Sanders is white, so why are you even comparing him to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez?”, something like that. They think the United States of America is a place where white people are the most important people. There is a priority in their minds. They think white people make the rules here, and they believe that’s how it should be. It’s terrifying to them to think that a person of color could have power. They hated Barack Obama, deep down inside of their souls. He scares them. Michelle makes them feel really insecure. They have no people of color in their lives. Not really. They think this country is, for the most part, a white place. That’s their comfort zone. They think this is a place where white people belong and everyone else is a visitor, so “fall in line and do as you’re told”. I have to admit, I hate these women, so I am guilty of hate. That is true, too. I have to work on that, but this is my personal issue. I hate racists. I hate racism. I hate white people who think they are better than people of color. I hate white, privileged and entitled racism. I have hatred in my heart, and I hate that. I felt it so strongly as I watched and listened to this video. I hate these women, and people who are just like them for how they make me feel. I resent it. I hate them for their racism. I hate racism. I hate hatred. I don’t want to feel hate, but as long as their is racism in this world, I will feel hatred. And I hate that. Anyway... This is my truth. Please watch this video. Fuck these women. I tried not to curse in this post, but hey, it is what it is, and I am who I am. Thanks for coming to visit me, and have a beautiful day, and here's to a better world, for all of us. Amen. #LoveJustIs


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