Imagine the next eighteen months of your life, and make a plan. That's what I have done.

I have a new play. Or a film. Or some kind of story that is definitely a solo play, but it's also an ensemble play. And I am making a "making of" documentary style film of my developmental process, too, so there's that. And this story is definitely a movie, too. Sound familiar? What I'm saying is that everybody has a great idea. Or a multitude of them, but very few people actually put those ideas into motion and make them come to life in some kind of way. I am always afraid of just having a great idea, and not doing anything with it, and so, I have planned out my next eighteen months, and we'll see how all of that goes, but at least I have a map to follow. Of course, I understand that things can happen along the way that can alter this course that I have laid out for myself, and so I am going to remain flexible, as that is one of my greatest life lessons, to remain open to change and opportunity, and challenge, but to stay the course. In other words, keep your eye on the prize, but don't be so stiff with it, or so blind where you can't see the alternative paths that will inevitably arise that could get you to where you are going, and even make it easier at times. There might be moments that make it a bit more difficult than you expect, as well, that's true, too, but in any case, take what appears, figure out how to simply make it all a part of your journey, and just keep it moving.

And so, for me, it begins today with rehearsing, as I will do every day, and then it's on to October where I begin doing my "unplugged" performances, first around here locally, from Asbury Park, NJ to Rockland County, to Westchester, Putnam, Ulster and maybe even Columbia County, then maybe Vermont, and then it's off to Seattle, San Francisco, or somewhere near there, LA, Chicago, and back home to some kind of "more plugged-in" performances, meaning the next step before a full blown workshop, and so, adding staged elements like lighting and possibly projection, and you know, stuff like that, do a performance here in NY, then the Hollywood Fringe, and then go to Edinburgh, for that amazing festival in August of 2020, and then come home and full throttle to an "all grown up" production of Imagine Judith, and here's what my dream performance is for the debut. I want to go "home" to Asbury Park (my "home away from home") and get access to the Carousel Building, turn that amazing space into a theater, right there on the boardwalk, meaning bring in seating, hang lights, put up a stage, and share the most amazing fully realized production of my new story as a "one night only" special event, (maybe two nights if the demand is gigantic) which will be the official, real opening of Imagine Judith, hopefully now armed with reviews and plenty of momentum and excitement building around this show that people have now seen, all over the world, for the previous eighteen months, culminating with this magnificent night at the Jersey Shore, in the summer of 2021, and from there, let the universe provide. Who knows? We might even wind up on Broadway this time. As my mother used to always say to me, "you never know". In any case, I think this eighteen month plan is a well thought out "life well lived" for that period of time, and so, onward I go, and I'll leave that right here. And thanks for coming by. And have a beautiful day. And here's to a better world, for all of us. 


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