Day 3- W Kamau Bell is one of my heroes, and DC, and real talk, and love.

Kamau Bell is one of my heroes. If you don't know him, he's a comedian and a journalist/commentator who works for CNN, and he's just a regular person who happens to be brilliant and filled with all kinds of empathy. He's someone I pay attention to, mostly because he's the most human dude I see on television. At least to me, that's how he feels. That's how his stories feel. He represents all of us, but as a black man in the world, which I think is so necessary. He is crucial to what, I feel, can fix this country, and actually, this entire world. I have always felt that way about him, since the fist time I ever saw his show, United Shades of America, which airs on CNN.

He's a comedian who makes me cry all the time, and it's never because any of his content is overly sad or anything like that, it's just that I feel so full of pride and inspiration when he does his thing, it just makes me feel as if this is a human being trying to bring us all together, in the most truthful and honest kinds of ways. He is a personality that you simply can't dislike, if you have even an ounce of goodness in you. 

Anyway, if you get a chance, watch his show, google him, see his special on Netflix, he's funny as fuck, but in a way that will move you to be a smarter and more aware person, and so, that makes him a great artist, along with all of the other good stuff I have already spewed about here. Can you tell I like this dude? He gives me hope for a better future for all of us. That people like him are out there using their platform to do meaningful and tangible things. I think it's working. I know it works for me.

Anyway... also... I have been watching the show VIDA on the Starz network, (BRILLIANT!!!!!!! And I'll write more about that in a future entry here, within the next few weeks, when I get through the entire series) and then after seeing Kamau's show last night featuring Washington DC, or actually, "DC" (you can see it here, and understand why I just clarified that, by the way, at this link... ), I am thinking about neighborhoods today. And culture. And how people land in a neighborhood and become a culture of their own, as they bring where they came from and mix that up with where they have arrived at. And how that makes a community. An extended family. And I am thinking about how we often times do our best to destroy that in this country. I am thinking about gentrification. Colonization. Conquering. I am thinking about money. Land. Property. Music. Style. Language. The rich and layered properties of a neighborhood that grows over a lot of years, through generations, and how solid that can be while simultaneously being so fragile, the moment someone with some money shows up and decides to enter that community as an outsider, desiring to be a part of what feels so good to them, but often times disassembling the very things that attracted them to that place, and then displacing the locals from that place. See what I did there?

Anyway, I am proud of W Kamau Bell for showing us neighborhoods, and I know in my case, reminding me that there are always people in these rich and history-filled neighborhoods that are holding it all down, and watching what Kamau shares in his work gives me confidence, along with the hope that my confidence is actually real, that these neighborhoods won't completely go away, as much as they will change a bit, which is inevitable in life, right? That everything changes, that everything is temporary, but at the same time, there are also plenty of trees and foundations and traditions and powerful human beings who will honor what has been before them, and use that history to continue to evolve, and raise the bar, and continue what others worked so hard to build in the years and generations before this moment right here.

Here's to history. Even the fucked up parts that we hopefully learn from. Here's to resilience. To understanding. To breaking it all down and finding our empathy. Here's to acceptance and celebrating diversity. Here's to culture. Here's to sharing. And most of all, here's to love. Here's to more people doing work like W Kamau Bell. I am inspired, and I can only hope that someday, someone will talk about me like I feel about him. That's my intention with my art. My work. And so thanks for reading all of this, meaning thanks for listening, meaning I hope you can hear my voice, and have a beautiful day, and here's to a better world, for all of us. 

To be continued....


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