"I try to make art that disrupts things"- Rock WILK

Brooklyn Quartet, directed by reg e gaines, just enjoyed an awesome debut at Pregones Theatre in the Bronx. 

"I witnessed my dear friend become an alchemist as he turned into stories, life experiences, people places and things that moved me in such a deep way, I was in tears, and I was taking deep breaths, then breathing fast and then not at all. What you gave was so pure, so naked, and emotional. I can't thank you enough for fearlessly taking us with you:) Thank you, Rock"- Lisa Fischer (Grammy winner, Rolling Stones, "20 Feet From Stardom")

Brooklyn Quartet is a story about 3 kids who grow up together in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, who become best friends; who love each other, and who eventually almost destroy one another, and is told by an angel named Queen.  It is an exploration of how life treats each of them, both individually and collectively, over the course of 20 years, quite differently, simply because of who each of them are.  Saint is black, Jamaal is white and Esther is Latina.  The story is sprinkled with racism, sexism and white privilege, but mainly Brooklyn Quartet is a love story; a beautifully tragic love story.  The accumulation of resentment, jealousy, disappointment and simple reality slowly beats on the youthful, innocent hearts of these characters, and as the years and circumstances go by, eventually breaks those hearts into a million pieces until all they have left is their love for one another, their indomitable spirits, and the rest of their lives, to rebuild, and to hopefully make something better.



"BROOKLYN QUARTET is about the resilience of the human spirit; that no matter what we do to one another, that we somehow find it in ourselves to forgive and to remain hopeful; that this is the most meaningful, powerful and important part of us; that this is what true love is, and that true love is the only thing that can save us."-Rock WILK

"The idea of theater is to create magic.  Possessing courage to allow an audience freedom to imagine is magic's main ingredient.  Brooklyn Quartet is one of those rare moments where magic and metaphor leap from the lips of characters too cool to be cliche, yet too true not to be believed."- reg e gaines (Bring in 'da Noise, Bring in 'da Funk)

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